Weather Conditions in New York throughout the Year

Lying in the Eastern part of the United States, the weather conditions in new york allows you to enjoy a bit of every season throughout the year of 365 days. Celebrating the coldest days with the onset of New Year in January, it goes through the chilling cold with temperature as low as 2 degrees.

May is the month that measures most of the rainfall while July witnesses the sweating heat. July is also the hottest month recording an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. August is the month that lets you take the clothes off your body and swim across the sea to enjoy the best.

Weather Conditions in New York

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Weather conditions in months of the year can be summarized as follows:

January – January is generally cold with blowing winds and experiences great snowfall and spine-chilling rain. If you are someone from hot areas of the globe and want to experience amazing cold weather, this is the time of the year you got to visit New York but yes, do not forget to bring in your winter gear.

February – Another cold month of the year for New York, weather conditions in new york, this is one more month you can add to your list of times you got to visit New York for snowfalls.

March – It is considered as the most unpredictable month for the New Yorkers in terms of weather. While you may face decent cold days, it may also allow you to witness the snowfalls.

April – This transitional month is the one from which the weather starts transforming from the winters to the beautiful springs. Weather conditions in new york. Even though heavy winter clothes may not be required, you must gear up with some clothes that keep you warm.

May – May welcomes springs in Northeast regions including New York and brings in some warm days for you to enjoy.

June – Days start gaining more temperature in June while the evenings are towards the cooler end.

July – This is the month of the year when you can open your bags of shorts and sleeveless outfits to fight the hot weather. And yes, not to forget the presence of sunscreens on the skin, who loves those sunburns anyway?

August – Hot and humid August, yes, this is what this month of the year is referred to as. weather conditions in new yorkYou can also get to experience frequent thundershowers in this month.

September – Weather starts shifting to colder days from this month of the year but still, this is the month which is claimed to be the best time to visit the city: slightly cool and slightly hot.

October – This lovely weather month attracts many tourists. The cool breezes give you great time walking around the city.

November – This is when the winters begin to set in the city.

December – Christmas is incomplete without the snowfall. Do you get the hint? Yes, December is generally cool in New York and may also let you see some snowfall.

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