Things to see at 9/11 Memorial- Things to do at New York

Things to see at 9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 is no more a devastating site that lives in horror. It no more burns in the ashes of its past. The site of the World Trade Center or famously known as the ground zero has been developed into a memorial facility for the ones who lost their lives in the horrific terrorist attacks. Hence we have bundled a complete guide for the things to see at 9/11 Memorial.

Things to see at 9/11 Memorial

Things to see at 9/11 Memorial

In the wake of the of this decade the in 2014 the ground zero was built into an aesthetic memorial for the lost and the dammed. This very place can be very moving. There are two reflecting pools which are illuminated and looks as majestic as it can get.

9/11 Memorial


The 9/11 memorial was opened on its 10th anniversary dedicated to the victims and survivors of the tragic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Since then it instantly connected with the people and the visitors.

There are two reflecting pools that are litt up with exuberant lights. The surrounding area of the pools is inscribed with the names of the people that were the victims of the attacks. Also a huge man made waterfall all of this is situated at the foundation of the original twin towers of the WTC.

The best time to visit the memorial is early in the evening. The memorial is surrounded by big and beautiful Oak trees. Except one trees is the Pear tree which actually survived the devastation of the site, hence it is fondly called the survivor tree.

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9/11 Memorial Museum

Things to see at 9/11 Memorial

The memorial museum is built at the ground zero itself. This museum covers all the historical events that took place on the that day. The museum allow allows the visitors to know more about the 2900 people that were affected during the massacre.

The 9/11 memorial museum focuses on the struggles of the rescue operations. And also pays homage to the Heros of that day. This museum holds more that 20,000 images and some 500 hours of videos along with the collection of artifacts back from that day. This is the one such place that not to be missed and highly recommended on things to see at 9/11 memorial

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9/11 Tribute Museum

Finally the very famous tribute museum inside the memorial museum. This places is certainly the highlight of the entire memorial. This section remains the most noteworthy segment. Since it has been built by the artifacts donated by each and every victim families.

The museum has tours for the visitors assisted by the first responders and the survivors themselves. The museum can be a very traumatizing experience. As it brings back the horrific memories of the incident. Because of this very reason children below the age of 10 are not allowed inside. Certainly this is a place visitors should at least visit once.

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