Things to do in Los Angeles

Things To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities of the U.S.A. Its the place where all the time in the world falls short because this city has so much to offer. You’ve gotta return this to city no matter how many times you have visited this city. Los Angeles has the reputation of being the cultural, financial, and commercial center of southern California.

L.A is proud of its reputation as the capital of film and television industry. It is very ordinary to spot a superstar or a celebrity in this city very casually. Therefore the city of Los Angeles is 2nd most populated city in the U.S. behind New York City. Lets focus on the most noteworthy places to visit in Los Angeles.

Universal Studios Of Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

The World famous Universal studios is the place that is a must on your Things to do in Los Angeles list. The Universal one of the hot spots for the tourists and visitors. People can visit the studio and take a look at the current movie being produced in the studios.

Tourist and the visitors of this studio love the movie themed rides and tours of  the Simpsons, Fast and the Furious, Jurassic Park. The Universal Studio is a dream come true for the movie buffs, not just because they get a taste of how the movies were brought into existence but the the surplus experience.

The Universal studios is situated at the outskirts of Los Angeles on the Highway of U.S. number 101. It is merely a short drive away from famous Hollywood at highland.


World Famous Disneyland

Above all the tourist attractions in this city the Disneyland still stands out. The Disneyland is not only meant for the kids but adults also find the trip to this fantasy kingdom very fascinating. The Disneyland is indeed once in a lifetime experience as you may have heard because its true.

The Disneyland is in Orange country but a top attraction with the Tourist of L.A. Technically its not possible to explore the entirety of the Disneyland. It has a separate amusement called the Disney California Adventure Park. This park consist of rides based on various Movies produced by the Disney productions.

Therefore it is suggested that you plan your visit well, prior to your visit to this magical land because you don’t wanna regret this one. The Disney land has a Hotel to stay based on the Disney theme which is an instant favorite with the kids.


Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica pier has been a huge highlight in the culture of L.A. It was built back in 1909. It is known for it iconic entrance which intrigues visitors largely. 

The Santa Monica has some awesome food stalls and do try the Bubba Gump to feast on their shrimps and baby back ribs. Another famous food on the pier is the pier Burger which is an absolute delight to your tastebuds. 

Also there are bunch of fun things to do in the pier which is famous in the entire city of Los Angeles. Visitors can Visit the pacific park and have an amazing experience on the joyrides. Kids can have fun on the carousel and many more activities. 


Venice Beach of Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

One of the most scenic beaches of L.A. it makes one of the most fun things to do in Los Angeles. It known not only for the beach but the culture, the people, the art it has to offer.

You can find various kind of artistic hustle bustle like street artist, Hawkers, freestylers, etc on the boardwalk. A people watch paradise as you watch time pass by an watching people indulge in various activities. You can spot local chicks in their bikini bottoms soaking up the sun. 

The venice beach is surely a place one should not miss on their trip to L.A. And it remains a top attraction in Los Angeles.


Griffith Park 

Things to do in Los Angeles

The Griffith park is a municipal park situated at the foothills of Santa Monica mountain ranges. A perfect location to spend our day in wilderness. Families love to have a picnic in the nature’s basket. This place also educates its visitors about the cultures and natural courses of this habitat.

There are several attraction in this park like the pony rides for kids, a carousel, Griffith Observatory, Greek theater, and the L.A. Zoo. Along with all these places that have been developed for tourist, the majority of the park remains untouched and absolutely natural wild space. 

The park is a famous its flora and fauna. This park is home to almost Over 150 plant species, including trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, ferns, and vines. We can also find the rare species of animals like the southern California black walnut. The most noteworthy part of this park is that it is home to over 200 species of migrating birds.  


Musical Trip To Grammy Museum

Things to do in Los Angeles

Grammy is the highest order of achievement for any music artist and wishes to someday in his/her life. The Grammy Museum is absolutely the place to be If your fond of music of any kind.

The Museum is a showcase of the history of american music and gives all the information about the artists. The Primary aim of the Grammy museum is to educate the next generation of musician and artists. The museum has some cutting edge interactives and exciting exhibitions which give some exclusive insights of the music world. Allowing the visitors to explore the roots of the american musical heritage. 

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

This is one Humongous museum to explore and home to 35 million specimens. It is advised that you pick up a discovery guide which includes the map and some additional info about the place.

Get to know the most noteworthy events of the past that all resulted in the current state of the world. Catch up with the Dinosaurs and know more about their life and natural habitat back then and what changed. The discoveries and the specimens here dates back to almost 4 billion years back. 

Recently the Natural History museum of Los Angeles was celebrating its centenary anniversary and has seen an exponential rise in the number of its visitors. It has three floors and a particular section dedicated for dinosaur history. 

 La Brea Tar Pits 

Things to do in Los Angeles

La Brea Tar Pits is one of the main attractions of Los Angeles situated at the heart of the city. These Tar pits have fossils from ancient ice age which can be discovered even today. 

 Around the La Brea Tar Pits the Hancock park is built.  George C. Page Museum was founded to display the specimen of the trapped animals in the tar pits. The La Brea Tar Pits has been recognized as a National Natural Landmark of the United States.

This place gives its visitors a complete thrilling experience. There can be a bunch of activities to catch up. Visitors here can take the excavation tour, or see experience the ice age in 3D which is much talked about.  The museums arrange free entry on the first Tuesday of every month except for July and August.


Sunset Boulevard 

Things to do in Los Angeles

The sunset boulevard is one of the most iconic spots in the Los Angeles. The Sunset boulevard depicts the classic Hollywood lifestyle. Bringing in all the charm this location is used many times in several movies. 

The Sunset Boulevard is very aesthetic and visitors are always awestruck by the scenic beauty and the series of palm trees all along the pathway. This Street connect the downtown, L.A to Hollywood, Beverly hill.

This place has one of the most happening night life in the country. As a result the Sunset Boulevard is the most fun thing to do in Los Angeles. This street is also home to some of the very famous Music venues like the Rainbow Bar and Grill and The Roxy Theater. 

The Grand Central Market

Things to do in Los Angeles

The Grand Central Market is a must visit if you’re a foodie. The Grand Central market serves food of various kinds. This place has open layout and there are several vendors with their food stalls. You can find Craft beer, sandwiches, hotdogs, sharwama, and many more foods.

The place is so buzzing that you can almost expect huge queues at literally every stalls. The food you find here is much cheaper that the foods you will find in the other parts of the city. It is very near to the Walt Disney concert hall. It is also in the proximity to the Dodgers stadium where you can catch a game of baseball.

The market has a few food stalls which have developed a serious reputation for themselves. The Eggslut, Sticky rice, Bombo are the some of the famous stalls that are worth a visit.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Things to do in Los Angeles

The Hollywood walk of fame is not just a street with handprints and footprints of actors. It is an celebration of an art form. The Hollywood wak of fame is world famous and a must see on almost every traveller’s wishlist. 

The TCL Chinese Theater is just around the corner of the Walk of fame. It  is the place where the stars come to watch their movies. The TCL Chinese Theater hosts many Red Carpet screening for the celebrities during their movie releases. The theater also offers VIP tours which gives some interesting insights of almost all the stories of premiers of the movies. And also give some fun facts about your favorite stars.

 The Hollywood walk of fame and TCL Chinese theater can be visited at the one visit itself just it should be made sure that it has a reputation of severe congestion.Furthermore searching for a parking spot is nothing less than a battle. 

Rodeo Drive of Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

Any trip without shopping is incomplete. And if shopping is on your list The Rodeo Drive is the place to be. This place is very intriguing and has some exquisite boutiques to shop in. 

The Rodeo drive has excellent collection of shop of renowned designers and small private boutiques. Tourist often spot many celebrities here doing their shopping. Therefore not only you  can shop and treat yourself but click one or two selfies with the stars.

This place also host a few events like international jewelry Festivals, Fashion clothing exhibitions and many more. To know about the events going on at that moment check out their official website.


The Sunset Strip

Things to do in Los Angeles

The sunset strip is most awakening experience in the entirety of L.A and a must on the things to do in Los Angeles. The drive along the Downtown Los Angeles to pacific ocean. Probably the visitors fall in love with the sunsets and the scenic beauty of the neighborhoods. 

The Topsy curvy roads along the ocean and a setting Sun is a sight that can stay in your memories forever. Along with the views there are plenty of restaurants and pubs where visitors can get a bit tipsy and enjoy their visit thoroughly. 

During the day the sunset plaza is the place to be and after the sunset the big billboards and the neon lights are a spectacle to watch. Usually people bar hop and try new places. 

L.A. Live in Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

The people of Los Angeles love their nightlife and their entertainment. The L.A. Live is the top entertainment district of Los Angeles with six live entertainment destinations, a fourteen screen cinema, the Grammy museum and 20 top spots for dinning experience. 

This places is renowned to host Grammy, Emmy’s and American Music Awards. This place boast of giving its visitors an ultimate live sports experience. So do check out this place during a live sport event or others. hence it is one of the most recommended places on the list of fun things to do in Los Angeles. 

These were a few top locations and best things to do in Los Angeles. Surely there are many more places to visit and the horizon is unlimited. This Article includes few tailored places and most visited places and most sought after activities. Therefore if we have missed a few  of your favorite attractions let us know in the comments down below. Keep Exploring.

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