Things to do at The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge itself has been such a landmark in the American history that visits in huge numbers flock here to admire its beauty. Also there are plenty of attractions around the bridge to be explored. Therefore we have made a list of things to do at The Brooklyn Bridge and explore what the city of New York has to offer.

Walking along the bridge can be an amazing experience for the visitors and locals alike. The Brooklyn Bridge has an dedicated lane for the pedestrians and bikes. It has more to it with not just scenic beauty and clicking pictures.

Things To Do At The Brooklyn Bridge

Movies with a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is an amazing spot to enjoy some spectacular spots, it is situated at the banks of East River across Manhattan. Certainly the Brooklyn Bridge has some of the best views including the sights of Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is more than the just a spot for sightseeing, it has a numerous activities going on throughout the year and locals keep engaging themselves in them. With often concerts, sports activities and special events held the Brooklyn Bridge Park is hustling and bustling all through the calendar .

Therefore the Brooklyn Bridge Park stands the top recommendation on our list of things to do at The Brooklyn Bridge.


Eateries Around The Brooklyn Bridge

There are some amazing places to grab a bite around the Brooklyn Bridge, From pizzas, ice creams, fun bars and water front eateries.

One of the most famous place is the Brooklyn Ice Cream and the Jacques Torres chocolates for your sweet tooth cravings. Almost every person near Manhattan will suggest you to try the Grimaldi’s famous pizzas and the Brick pizza by the Forini.

Visitors have also suggested very decent eateries in the DUMBO vicinity. The following places are the best places for brunch and will make you fall in love with their ambiance.

  • Superfine
  • Vinegar Hill house
  • Rivercafe
  • Almodine
  • Atrium Dumbo

Exploring DUMBO

The word DUMBO stands for ‘Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass‘. It is a small neighborhood in the Manhattan which is situated underneath the two famous bridges Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Probably the most trendy and vibrant places in the entire of the New York. Therefore the Visitors and locals have been loving this place and holds a special place in their hearts once they have visited.

People maybe never run out of fun activities and to explore places in the DUMBO. The Jane’s carousel, several eateries, fantastic Manhattan Skyline also different art and exhibitions.

Above all the DUMBO has a unique mix of several attractions and has something new to offer every time you visit. Because of this the DUMBO remains the most recommended place on the Things to do at the Brooklyn Bridge.


The Brooklyn Bridge exits on to the Washington Street which is just 2 blocks away from Front street. Initially the DUMBO was an industrial area but due to some reasons went drastic changes and attracted many new businesses and while the residential areas flourished in the lofty spaces.

Now you can find many bookstores and fancy boutiques in the Front, Jay and main streets. Mostly noteworthy for photography and Art these streets have options for clothing books, artifacts, etc.

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