Things to do at Coney Island

The People’s Playground is what Coney Island has been called for over an decade. It is The perfect summer holiday destination. Its hustling and bustling with people and you will certainly feel the heat. It host the annual mermaid and Hot-dog eating competition. Whether you like amusement parks, Beaches, Shopping or food things to do at Coney Island never run out.

 things to do at Coney Island

Things to do at Coney Island

Although the Coney Island has seen its own Ups and Downs. This place has been given another chance to breath and give amazing holiday experience to the People of New York after the great depression. The Coney Island has allowed  the age old businesses to thrive along with some superb and amazing additions overtime.

The Beach and The Boardwalk

 things to do at Coney Island
Sunset at Boardwalk

The beach is the favorite part of the American culture. Especially during the summer locals and the visitors  flock here in numbers and love to get that perfect tan. It Might not be the most glamorous beach in NYC but its the most popular beach for sure. The wooden Broadwalk has its own charm and the you can just gaze the turbulent waves hitting the shore. Also on a Friday evening the broadwalk is the perfect place to enjoy the magnificent view of the fireworks.

The Luna Park

 things to do at Coney Island
Luna Park

The famous and the big old mighty ‘Luna Park’. This park had its fair share of drama in the past. Although after it being revamped in the 2008 it has been the top destination for the visitors and locals alike.

The Luna park is an amusement park with several exhilarating rides that will surely give you the adrenaline rush.  From carousels to roller coasters this place should be the first stop for the visitors. Because of this the Luna Park remains at the top of most recommended Things to do in the Coney island.

The Cyclone

The Cyclone has been an iconic ride at the Luna park and hence it deserved a special mention at the things to do at Coney Island. Started back in 1927 the and standing at 2640ft tall the visitors suggest they have never experienced a ride like this before.

The Adrenaline pumping ride has gone many alteration over the time but has only impressed the visitors. The Cyclone still has the look of the past but gives the experience still remains thrilling. Therefore the Cyclone deserves a place in our list of things to do at Coney Island.

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The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

Whenever we talk about Coney Island, the Hot dogs become  a very synonymous term along with it. And the credit goes to the Hot dog king ‘Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog’. Now it has been over a century that the Nathan’s famous hot dogs still remains the a crowd favorite. Likewise it has been the top recommended place to grab a bite at the Coney Island.

The New York Aquarium

This New York aquarium is home to over 300 species of aquatic animals. With many options like the Aqua theater, conservation hall, sea cliffs, etc. It has been the oldest major aquarium in the New York. The main attractions in this aquarium are the California Sea Lions, Black-Footed Penguin, Sand Tiger Shark and many more.

Its an amazing experience for the visitors and there are various programs by which kids get to know how to save and preserve ocean life. Therefore the New York Aquarium remains the most recommended places on the list of Things to do at Coney Island.

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The Mermaid Parade

A very unique concept and a spectacle that you may have never seen before. The Mermaid Parade is an annual ritual that takes places during the summers, somewhere in the mid July. This parade stretches from West 21st Street and Surf Avenue leading towards the boardwalk and ends at the Steeplechase Plaza.

Here in this Parade generally participants dress up in pretty mermaid costumes. Also several artsy participants who dress up as mermaid and seaman win many awards for the their efforts. All in all the Coney Island is a complete fun experience that one should not miss.

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