Things to do at Bryant park

The Bryant park is the place for all. With hip activities and many more events organised that is open to all. You can go shopping or just chill and relax at the lawn. The Bryant Park has several options with classic eating options along with free spaces to lunch on your self prepared sandwiches. The Bryant park is full of opportunities so here we have bundled an amazing list of things to do at Bryant park.

Things to do at Bryant park

Things to do at Bryant park

The Iconic carousel and Skating rink are an amusing experience for all. Visitors are treated to various different experiences like free movie screening, outdoor games also a french style shopping market. This very park is situated at the heart of the Manhattan. Because of this it attracts a large number of visitors.

Shopping at the French Market

Things to do at Bryant park

This is a nice little market at the Bryant Park, which french themed. This market is open at the summer times. People can find fine collection of variety of cheese, Olive oil, french baked bread and exquisite flowers. It is a very light place to stroll around the look at the cute little things.

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Ice Skating

One of the most recommended things on the things to do at Bryant park. This skating rink is absolutely free for the visitors if you have your own skates. Though you can rent skates if you don’t have one which may cost a few bucks. It is open at the holiday season.

This 17,000 Sq.ft skating rink has many open air stalls during the holiday season. This skating rink is sponsored by the Bank of America and very well maintained because of it. Each person is allowed to skate for 1.5 hours so that everybody can enjoy this wonderful experience.



Special Events

The Bryant park host a number of special organised events. These events are mostly free for the public. The Bryant Park has been hosting the summer time movie screenings since ages. The New Yorkers love their weekend spent on good movies and Bryant park has kept this culture in mind and helps everybody enjoy a good weekend.

The Bryant park also hosts outdoor Broadway which intrigues all its visitors. People can experience the Broadway feels here at the open lawn at their own comfort. You can check out other special events organised at this park on their official websites. And these special organised events are a must on things to do at Bryant park.

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The Le Carrousel

A major attraction and a must for the kids in list of things to do at Bryant Park. The Le Carrousel keeps up with the French style of the park. Laden with bright and colorful animals, classical french style and cabaret music in the carousel. It pays homage to the European and American culture of big old carousels.



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