Teenage Girls Got A Chance To Attend Coding Camp By Karlie Kloss

Four teenage girls were invited by Karlie Kloss to be part of her camp where she teaches how to code. She is running the organization Klossy which is a fashion multimedia and a philanthropic organization. She has her office on Lafayette Street in SoHo, the place where she invited the girls to be part of the camp.

Ms. Kloss is holding the camp “Kode with Klossy” since 2015. In this camp, she aims at empowering girls by teaching them the code to become master in tech.

During her camps she has always been frank with her students, the moment she entered the room in her navy blue blazer and cropped jeans, she complimented all the girls stating, “I feel like you’ve all grown so much since I last saw you,” While talking to them she walked over to the pristine kitchen which had plush environment and restaurant grade appliances, she grabbed some goodies from there. She led the girls to the beautiful conference room decorated with chandelier, bouquets and modern piece of art. The girls looked really excited to attend the camp.


She continued the conversation with stating, “Beyond just wanting to hang out with you guys, I want you to be a part of our big announcement, you’re the reason we want to keep growing this.” She then asked everybody about what they have been up to since they last attended her camp.

Valeria Torres, 18 was the first one to speak; she has got admission in Princeton University to do her majors in computer science. Hearing this everyone in the room cheered for Valeria, she also shared her experience about the coding class that she attended at Princeton Library along with her sister Kyara, 14 who is also part of the “Kode with Klossy ” camp.

Valeria further added, “We made it girls-only so our students would have an environment they feel safe in, when boys are in the classroom, it’s harder.”

Hope Dunner, 19 another student from the camp told everyone that she has completed her CS internship at Microsoft, where as another student Johnston 17, completed her internship with Viacom. After hearing everyone, Ms kloss felt so proud of each one of them.


Ms. Kloss has been a role model for many girls from past 11 years, her hard work and passion has helped her to achieve what she has today. She has been the face of CK, Versace and many such brands.

Ms. Kloss has also attended two-week coding boot camp at Flatiron school in Lower Manhattan. At the camp, she learned about how web apps are designed and developed using Ruby. Before she started her modeling career she always had interest in Science and Maths, and she has always been fascinated by programming and other computer languages.

Once she met Kevin Systrom, the man who created Instagram, the first thing she said to him was,” You created a product that touches hundreds of millions of people, what do you know that these hundreds of millions of people don’t know?’ I wanted to understand that language and skill set.”

After attending the coding camp she also started her coding scholarship at the same school itself, which has now expanded to become learning platform for thousands of girls through camps in almost 25 cities. In these camps, girls are taught about HTML, Ruby, Javascript, gaming, and coding.

Ms. Kloss perceive these young girls as future of tech world, she said, “I love that they’re taking their experiences as 15-year-old girls in America and translating them into actual projects, they’re going to build the algorithms of our future because they have different life perspectives of the world.”

On the personal front, Ms. Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner, 32 for a long time. He is a founder of Oscar heath, a start-up health insurance. He belongs to the renowned family, and his elder brother is the husband of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.


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