Students In The New York Gather For National School Walkout To Protest Against Gun Violence

The entire New York  was in a state of the shock especially students when a month ago 17 students and staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school were shot dead. Hundreds of students and teachers were running to save their lives when the group of shooters entered the school premises. It was an extreme case of gun violence.

To oppose and protest against such gun violence students of a school in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and Santa Monica left their schools in hundreds and thousands left their schools at around 10 AM. Authorities and teachers of the school were divided into two halves to handle emptying classrooms, where one group threatened the students not to leave school the other group supported the protest. In fact, many parents and teachers joined the students in this protest against gun violence. This is first ever majorly coordinated students led the protest in the US. But at least for one day, this protest has been able to command the country, they were all over the twitter and snap chats.

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One of the students of Columbine high school, where the same thing happened in 1999 killing 13 people said: “We have grown up watching more tragedies occur and continuously asking: Why?” “Why does this keep happening?”

The governor of Florida, however, has signed a bill last week in order to minimize such gun violence. In the bill minimum age for purchasing guns has been raised to 21 and the delivery tenure has been increased to 3 days. But it seems that on the national level such protest does not have any impact as President Trump dismissed gun control proposals.

The protest lasted for 17 minutes paying tribute to those 17 teenagers and teachers who were shot dead in the attack. Where many students joined the protest, some students continued with their routine classes and did not become part of the same. In one of the schools of Potosi, where no student participated in the protest school decided to hold an assembly at 10 AM to pay their tribute and create awareness amongst students. But one of the girl students chose to be part of the protest and she walked out of school and ket sitting outside the school holding candle for 17 minutes. Some schools gave official permission to their students to be part of this walkout to honor the Florida victims. However, there were some schools who warned their students not to leave the school premises, as they may have to consequences for the same but students walked anyway to be part of this protest.


The protestors at some places chanted and held signs whereas some of them stood silently for 17 minutes. Few students in Atlanta took a knee to pay tribute to Florida victims.

Amaria Broyles, a junior student whose elder brother was killed in a shooting helped in the walkout said, “You see different types of violence going on,” We all want a good community and we all want to make a change.”

Two more nationwide walkout protest is all set to take place on March 24 and April 20 which happens to be the anniversary of Columbine shooting.

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