Sex and the City star Cynthia enters the Race to become New York Governor

Sex and the City, star Cynthia Nixon is all set to challenge Governor Andre M. Cuomo as she enters the race of becoming Governor of New York City in upcoming elections.

On Monday, she officially announced her contender-ship for the post of Governor. Ms. Nixon has been the constant educational activist, but it will be the first time that she will run for elected office. However, for the first time, she has taken a huge step by taking a dig at two-term elected Governor Mr. Cuomo. These elections will have many surprises and interesting elements as Ms. Nixon has openly called Mr. Cuomo as a “Centrist and Albany insider”

As a part of the announcement of her candidature, she shared a video on a social networking site, in which she said, “We are now the unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty”

Her social networking profile is full of Cynthia’s objectives and propaganda for the elections. She will be focusing on major problems like poverty, transport system and damaged subways. “Meet Cynthia and Donate” programme of Ms. Nixon is garnering a lot of attention from the public. Apart from this to highlight the subway problems as one of her major concerns this election, scenes of her riding the subways are going viral.

Being a public figure, she knows how to garner public attention. Unlike to her fellow contenders, she has a strong fan base which may help her in these elections. As soon as video of her candidature announcement went viral it became the trending topic on Twitter within the first 18 minutes and became a nationwide topic within 20 minutes of uploading the video.

If Sex and the city star wins the elections, then she will be the first lady in the history of New York to hold off the position of Governor in New York and of course the first Gay Governor. However, it is to be seen that in the country where unpopular figure Donald Trump became President, what will be the choice of New York City.

However Mr. Cuome does not seem to be affected by Ms. Nixon’s candidature and her celebrity status, he said,” I’m not nervous about whoever runs, There’ll be people who run. That’s called elections, and that’s fine.”

In her announcement video, she also took a lid on leaders of the country and said that they are letting everybody down. In an ad she said, “Something has to change, we want our government to work again, on health care, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway. We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us. It can’t just be business as usual anymore.” In her video, she used really aggressive language by accusing Mr. Cuomo of giving some “inhumane budgets” and of selling New York off to the highest bidder.”

But it seems that Mr. Cuomo is not ready to take any back step, in Siena College by poll on Monday he seems to be leading the race of being a Governor. He has left all other contenders behind including Ms. Nixon.

Jeffrey Pollock, a pollster of Mr. Cuomo stated that people are least interested in celebrity candidates who are inexperienced to handle political issues. People want experienced people who can run the state in a better way. He also quoted, “They are looking for proven experience to take the fight to Donald Trump and to Republicans across the state”

Now only the time will tell that how the candidature of Ms. Nixon will affect results of these elections.

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