King Of UK Club, Robin Birley Soon To Open New Night Club In New York

King of UK Club, Robin Birley is soon going to have another big club in his kitty that too in New York City. If sources are to be believed , Birley who is also the owner of 5 Hertford Street in London is expected to venture soon in Manhattan, New York by opening his first US Night Club in New York city.

Apart from being club it will also include hotel and will be a union square. Birley’s Landlord from London David and Simon Reuben closed the deal on $39.5 million for the purchase of building at 14-16 East 16 Street, where US club is expected to open. David and Simon are well known as billionaire brothers in London and owns various properties.

King of UK Club Robin Birley to open Night Club in New York City
King of UK Club Robin Birley to open Night Club in New York City

Birley’s London club, 5 Hertford Street is one of the elite class clubs and hotels of London. It is also famous because many celebrities prefer to visit this club, all elite class citizens, and royal’s heads straight to 5HS club whenever in town.

It is the favorite place of Famous state head, Benjamin Netanyahu. Meghan Markle who is would be the princess of America met Prince Harry in this very hotel for her first official date. The London club 5HS, has posh urban setting nightclub in the basement.

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Though it’s urban posh settings are liked by everyone, but The US club will have its own entity and will not be in the settings on the 5HS club. As per sources involved in the club, “It’s not an outpost of 5 Hertford Street, Any club that Robin opens in New York will be substantially different,”

The Reuben brothers who are investing Robin’s chain of clubs were at 60th position in a list of wealthiest people around the world released by Forbes. Their combined worth is around $14.4 billion. They have ventured into number of projects in London and their union is going steadily.

King of UK club - Robin Birley
King of UK club – Robin Birley to open night club in new york city, Manhattan

Talking about the king of UK club Robin Birley, he has an amazingly charismatic and charming personality. He has always been larger than life figure. He was just eleven when a tiger attacked him at his friend’s zoo. His head to be taken out forcefully from tiger’s jaws which led to permanent disfiguration of his face. But this disfiguration did not stop him from achieving what he always wanted to achieve.

He is a son Lady Annabel Goldsmith and his father late Mark Birley, was the former head of Annabel’s and Harry bar. Birley joined his father’s club but he had a fall out with his father due to which his father abandoned him from his property. But the 60-year-old businessman did not lose hopes even then and made it to the position where he is today. Today he is one of the most successful Businessmen, entrepreneur and political figure, whatever he has achieved he has achieved on his own.

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The union story building where his new venture The US Club is expected to open is a six-storey building with Air rights of 64,400 square feet. This building was earlier house of non- profit institute for family health.

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