Best Five Places To Visit In New York City

Times Square - Places To Visit In New York City

If you go to the beach in the afternoon you won’t be able to enjoy the scenery which usually gets to see in the evening. Here are the best places to visit in New York city.

New York is a wonderful city for visiting. There are many places which we can visit in New York. You can definitely enjoy your tour by visiting these places. But from where to start. And there is also a perfect time to visit each place.

Places To Visit In New York City which is Popular for Tourism:

Statue of liberty

Statue of liberty its symbolic icon for America. It was gifted by France to America in 1886 which symbolize freedom. This statue is the tallest statue in the world which is 152 feet and it weighs 450,000 pounds. If you want to visit the statue clearly which is at liberty island there is boat ride facility.

Statue of liberty
Statue of liberty

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But you need to book your tickets in advance to have a look at the statue of liberty. Be careful with the fraud people who tend to say that they are officials who give out tickets. But you end up taking the tickets more than the actual price.

Central Park

We don’t say new york is a beautiful city just like that there is a reason behind it. And the wonderful reason is the central park. This is not just where you find a lake or fountain and full of trees no not at all. It’s a place you can get a feel of cool breeze in hot sizzling summer too.

Central Park
Central Park

You can have a small picnic while enjoying the mother nature. This park is very good for short walks and like a bit romantic feel. It is also where you can find few serials and tv shows been filming.

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Metropolitan Museum

This museum is also known as a Metropolitan Museum. In 1870 this museum was founded and from since it is been very popular art. It was almost over 2 million collection of art pieces. They are all of the different types of art pieces related to Egyptian, music, photographs.

Fifth Avenue

Wherever we go we definitely don’t miss one thing which is shopping which everyone love to do at new places. And here in new york the fifth avenue is the best place for shopping. You can find the famous apple store too.

Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue

If you don’t wanna go shopping also you will just get attracted to it at least to walk through the street to see a different kind of things.

Chrysler Building

The triangular windows of the Chrysler building quietly represent car radiator. Since 1929 when it was built it remained the world’s tallest building and symbolizes the art deco architecture.

Chrysler building
Chrysler building

The best part of the building is the exterior of this building represents the model of the hood ornaments.

These are the Places To Visit In New York City which is not be neglected if you plan to visit new york.

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