Top 12 Night Clubs in New York City

Night Clubs in New York City

Imagining “the city that never sleeps” without an exciting experience of nightlife in the Night Clubs in New York City is not complete, is it? With DJs playing some of the great numbers from the playlist, this is exactly what you need to end your day and freshen up your mind while letting the tensions of the day flow. Perfect for happening and fun-loving people, these small and big nightclubs in New York will entertain you until the break of dawn.

Night Clubs in New York City
Night Clubs in New York City

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Top 12 Night Clubs in New York City

House of Yes – Simply dress out in the most insane outfits from your closet and get your feet dancing to the best dance numbers while enjoying your favorite drinks.

Good Room – An amazing sound system, the dance floor spread in a large area and a small stage for hosting the performances, Good Room has great things to offer you. This has been one of the favorite nightclubs of the New York City’ residents since its opening in October 2014.

Bembe – This sleek wooden bar offers you exotic tequila shots and allows you tap your feet to some of the great salsa or samba numbers. Night Clubs in New York City. Crazy, isn’t it? But, you’ll be more than elated when you pay the visit, just give it a chance.

Black Flamingo – This “never found somewhere else” kind of combination of restaurant, bar and nightclub allures you with its focus on “music, sound, and intimacy”.

C’mon Everybody – As the name suggests, C’mon everybody convinces you to shed your boredom and hassles of life while you pamper yourself with great drinks and groove to excellent dancing numbers.

Bossa Nova Civic Club – It is a “tropical fantasy dance club” attracts a great number of party people with its amazing sound system and hot lineups of underground houses.

Home Sweet Home – Well, as we hear the word home, the cozy feeling starts making space in our hearts, right folks? Well, this is what this place has for you. Just come and explore.

Output – This multi-room dance club hosts you with a great pair of fabulous sound system and drinks. Night Clubs in New York City

Baby’s All Right – This is a perfect combination of eatery, bar and the stage and finds its location in Williams burg strip. With music of the range from experimental to the voguish, this nightclub of New York allures you to be a part of its journey to become a local musical institution.

The Gateway – Two floor of dancing areas and menu that includes crab cakes as post-club-night cool down snack, The Gateway offers you great music and ambience.

Brooklyn Bowl – With its design inspired from that of the Coney Island, it offers you great ambiance to spend some hours with a big and rowdy clan of people.

The Jane – The Jane offers you the unusual interiors with ballroom having a mismatched set of chairs, the oriental rugs, and fireplace covered by a stuffed ram’s head. This place greets you with great music and atmosphere to give you a never before experience.

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