New York Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of liberty

Statue of liberty is the symbol of freedom for Americans. When you tend to go to new york the first thing we would like to see the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. There is a ticket booking for this. Be careful before getting a ticket as you can few people who cheat you by selling the ticket with extra charges.

Get a tour guide over there to get to know more about the place this also gives one more advantage of not getting cheated if you get a perfect tour guide.

Statue of liberty
Statue of liberty

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How to reach there?

You can go visit that place by ferry. And this ferry you can get it down the Manhattan. There is also another way to get to the place you can go there through new jersey also. These are the only two ways to reach the place as there is the possibility of allowing any private vehicles.


While getting inside you will come across the security checking. It will take almost for few hours it is actually like an airport security check the time depends on the type of ticket you have chosen. Once you are done with all the procedure of the security you will proceed to one of the empty ferries.

The things you need to keep in your mind before getting into the security check because there are few things which are been prohibited.

  • Weapons, any kind weapons which may cause any danger to anyone are not allowed.
  • Any kind of sharp items and any tools are prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to take any large packages or any kind of languages.
  • Anything which helps you to hide your identity will be discarded.

Time taking:

The exact time cant be depicted as that will be solely depended on the time of the year and the day you visit the place. Mostly normally it will take 6-7 hours to take a look at the whole place. Don’t ever think about rushing the time over there because if you rush then you won’t be able to enjoy the place and may miss few things which are not at all good.

If you go in there in peak hours the population over the place is the other thing but the security will be taking more time than usual like maybe extra one hour totally depends upon the number of visitors. First, you will be led to the statue from where you need to get to another ferry which leads you to the island.

You will take 1 to 2 hours to get a look. After that, you will two ferries from there and each one goes in different places. One is the statue and other is to go back to your place so be wise before choosing the ferry. If you choose the wrong you will end back at the statue and it will take you more time to reach back to your place.

These are the few things about the statue of liberty and the island.

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