Alert Issued By New York State Health Department After Australian Tourist Carried Measles To The City

Alert has been issued by New York state health department after a tourist from Australia is said to have carried measles throughout the city. He has visited all prominent places and hotels in New York like La Quinta Inn, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Comfort Inn and Suites Goshen, Watchtower Educational center, the best western hotel, Orange Regional Medical center and Excel Urgent care.

The state New York state health department has issued a warning to people who have visited these places between February 16th to February 21st. Health department suspects that these people have higher chances of getting attacked by this contagious virus.

New York state health department issue notice
New York state health department issue notice for possible measles alert

The Center for Disease control and prevention, says that is highly contagious disease especially for people who have not taken immunization against this contagious virus. Now, 90% of American kids receive measles vaccination, which is highly effective.

Vaccinated people are at 90% lower risk of getting affected by this disease, but those who are not vaccinated must visit their health providers as soon as possible to rule out any possibility of this contagious virus. Measles Virus infects your respiratory system. Vaccination of measles is must for everyone irrespective of age group as it does not have the specific treatment. The virus prevails in the environment even if the carrier leaves the place for around two hours.

It is spread in the environment by the throat and nasal secretions of a carrier, which takes almost two hours to become non- effective. You may not even get to know that you have been attacked by this virus before the symptoms appear. And symptoms usually appear after 8 to 10 days, the usual symptoms are fever which can be as high as 104 degrees, rash, cough, runny nose or inflamed eyes, little white colored spots generally called Koplik’s spots may start appearing inside the mouth.

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Apart from these basic symptoms, the flat and red rash may appear on your face and then gradually spreads all over the body but this symptom is really rare and occurs in 1 out of 1000 persons. If anybody who has visited above-mentioned places encounters any of these symptoms then without any delay must visit nearest health provider to get medical attention in lowest possible time.

Recent studies have shown that number of cases of measles infected people are high at places which Americans visit the most and especially in communities of America where people are not vaccinated. Such case where a traveler has carried measles virus to New York City is really noteworthy looking at the population density of New York and travel route of Australians.

As per statistic released in 2016, the large chunk of the population of US, i.e. around 8.5 million people live in New York City and call this city as their home. And out of popular places visited by measles carrier from Australia, Metropolitan Museum of Art itself has the share of about 7 million visits in 2017, as declared in their annual fiscal report.

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