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New York Public Library

If we want any kind of book we need to search for them in different places and also should know about the price before getting to buy it but what about if we can’t buy that book for only a short period of time then we will start looking for places where we can find these books which can be given on lends. New York public library is the exact place where you can find a number of books but the only thing is they won’t give out books for lends they give out books for free.

It is being done from last 100 years which is from the year 1895. Now they are even planning to make it modern according to the present people uses making it as the place where we can get information online too if we get any interruptions while reading a book.

New York Public Library
New York Public Library

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More about the library

It is one of the largest libraries in the world with total 88 branches established in its neighborhood. If you are not able to go to the place daily you can get e-books and the dvd’s which helps you to get to know about things from the place you are there. Not only the books you can find the research-oriented knowledge over there. You won’t believe you can find 55 million things from which you can get knowledge.

Availabilities related to the library:

You can find people over there to help you to find the books you need or any kind of help you need there. It is also having an app from which you can download 700,000 books. This library usually runs under both the type funds, from the public as well as private funds.

Structure of the library:

Now where you are finding the library there was a reservoir once. The structure was planned by billings that planned it on a piece of paper by planning it of 7 floors where you can find a number of book collections. Even before it started 500 people were employed just for demolishing the reservoir.

New York Public Library. It took $9 million to complete the whole place. It is one interesting fact about the library is they were almost 30,000 people came to visit the library and as the word spreads fastly about such things there been so many visitors after that day.

What is their main focus now?

New York public library is focusing about educate people more and more by giving out the perfect collections. The main theme over there is about the humanities and social science. To make students individual by starting up something they are giving the collection of business and economics which can be very helpful for the students.

No categories:

There is no such thing called that few won’t get what they want in this library. Anyone can find the book they wish for even a toddler or an elder person too. There is all kind of books related to every age group like adult books too.

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