Top 16 New York City Points of Interest

New York is known for amazing sights, Broadway shows, great scenic beauty and a lot more. New York City Points of Interest. Home to a lot of branded shopping outlets, historical places, huge buildings and a great range of stuff to experience, this city is blessed with some of the magnificent things and one trip is just not enough for it. Well, here we have shortlisted 15 points of interest which define New York so that you do not miss these.

New York City Points of Interest
New York City Points of Interest

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Statue of Liberty

Well, who does not know the Statue of Liberty? The great symbol of freedom is a splendid 152 feet tall structure. Going New York and not visiting Statue of Liberty can never be a clever decision.

Empire State Building

A popular landmark of New York, this 381 meters tall and 102-story building was recognized as tallest building until 1st World Trade Center came into the existence. New York City Points of Interest. With modern amenities, this is a wonderful place to visit.

Central Park

This place takes you away from the concrete jungle in the lap of nature. Situated at the center of the city, this place has strawberry fields, a zoo, lakes and more to allure you.

Broadway and Shubert Alley

Broadway show and Shubert Alley have been great points of attractions due to various reasons. New York City Points of Interest. Encompassing some great theatres, this is what gives you a fabulous entertaining experience.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

It was founded in 1870 and has been an epitome of art with more than 2 million art pieces which makes it a major attraction for the visitors around the world.

Rockefeller Center

Located in the center of Manhattan, Rockefeller Center is a grand entertainment and shopping complex. With great shops, eating outlets and observation decks, this is our another recommendation that you must add to your list while you visit New York.

Fifth Avenue

Home to many world-class branded outlets, Fifth Avenue is the place that attracts most of the shopaholics around the Nation. So, ladies, now you know where to go right?

Brooklyn Bridge

This world’s first steel bridge extends from East River to Manhattan. New York City Points of Interest. With two strong towers made of stone connected with Gothic-shaped arches from the top, Brooklyn bridge is the next in our list of New York city points of interest.

Times Square

Times Square derives its name from New York Times tower and has been called so since 1904. With enormous billboards, great shopping outlets, theatres, and restaurants, this part of the city remains happening day and night.

Chrysler Building

Known as an epitome of Art Deco architecture, it is one of the names that acquired the title of world’s tallest building of its time. Chrysler Building is considered one of the favorite points of interest for various reasons. Just visit to explore.

New York Public Library

Well, this is a paradise for the book lovers with an additional flavor of breathtaking architecture. This remains a great point of interest for a great collection of books and magazines and yes, the movie and TV shoots.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Modern and historical can go together and this is an example. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1943, this museum will entertain you with some of the finest pieces of modern art.

Wall Street

Wall Street of New York is a great point of interest which also is the address for the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and New York Mercantile Exchange. Covering 8 city blocks starting from Broadway to South Street, it also holds the amazing Trinity church and the Federal Reserve.

Patrick’s Cathedral

Well, this symbol of Gothic revivals is blessed with great architecture and attracts 5.5 millions of visitors every year. This well-maintained building was built in 1879 and still, holds that great scenic beauty.

South Street Seaport

This iconic seaport depicting the history of New York is located on the East River, the Brooklyn bridge, Fletcher Alley, Pearl, and South Streets. Established in the 19th century, it now holds great stores, restaurants, museum and historic building.

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