Natural History Museum New York City the USA

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum New York is an institute since it was established in the year 1869. Here you can find tons of knowledge about different kinds of plants and their species. There are almost 30 million of the collection with almost complete information about them. There you can find fossils collection from long back ages like from the dinosaur ages.

This museum does research on various categories like anthropology, astronomy etc. you can find a large library which consists of 485,000 books. There is a magazine called Natural history published by the museum every year and it also conducts educational activities for interested people.

Natural History Museum New York
Natural History Museum New York

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It’s not only giving out knowledge:

The activities done by the museum are done by the employees and the volunteers who want to help the museum are being paid. The museum not only shows the history of the fossils but only do research about the people culture and more about them. There are many job openings if anyone interested then gets into the website and search for the relevant jobs which suit you.

There are various jobs for the individuals according to their positions and do them accordingly.

Is it free?

No, sorry to say this but it’s not free to just go and check it out the place. There is a fee for different age groups and also for the purpose they are visiting the place. Natural History Museum. For an adult, it is of $22, children $12.50, and its different for students and seniors which is $17. You have to pay the extra charges if you wanna see few special places in the museum like IMAX theatre. If you are lucky to know someone who is working in the museum then you can get a free ticket and also can see the lucky places in it.


We all know about the night in museum movie. There are few film shots which are been taken in the museum. And few scenes in the series of this film are done in the museum too.

Tour guide:

If you don’t know where to start looking in the museum you can get a tour guide, not inside you need to plan it before. The tour guide as having knowledge about all of it will be guiding you in a perfect sense and can you tell you all the information about the place in detail. There are so many things to be seen in the museum by taking a person who knows about the place can help you not to wonder inside casually.

Natural History Museum New York has many things to be seen and to get know about the other side of the world. You will be just awestruck just by listening about what lays inside it once you get into it you won’t be able to take your eyes off the place. You will be getting surprises after surprises in this place. There is no other place where you can find these many different things and knowledge.

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