Top Museums in New York City

Museums in New York City

Whenever you plan a trip to any city, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We guess it’s the cultural heritage of the particular city. Are we right? Anyways. Suppose you plan a trip to New York. Museums in New York City.

You would definitely be confused as to what to visit there. We are here to clear all your confusions.There are multifarious historical sites and institutions in the city. So, here we present a list of the top museums in New York which are worth a visit.

Best Museums in New York City

Museums in New York City
Museums in New York City

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American Museum of Natural History– It is situated in Manhattan. You will be amazed to know that it is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum is embraced with 28 adjoining buildings which consist of 45 permanent exhibition halls. It also gives provision to a library and a planetarium.

There are over 33 million species of fossils, rocks, plants, animals, meteorites and cultural artifacts. Museums in New York City. The museum has hired 225 scientific staffs on a full-time basis.

Smithsonian Design Museum– It is also located in a portion of Manhattan. It is one of the three Smithsonian facilities in New York. It is the one and only museum which is dedicated to historical design. It has collections of about 240 years of aesthetic and creative design.

Immigration Museum– Situated at the bay of New York, it was once a passage for over 12 million immigrants to the US. It was actually an inspection station for immigrants. It provides a clear picture of the experience of the immigrants.

The Guggenheim– It is a cylindrical building which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was formulated as ‘temple of spirit’. Museums in New York City. It consists of various personal collections of Solomon R Guggenheim.

Tenement Museum– It is a national historical site which is situated on Orchard Street.It is a five-story building which was a home to about 7000 people from more than 20 nations. The museum drives into the historical perspective of the lives of the immigrants.

The MET– It is one of the largest art museums in the US. It has collections of more than two million works. It has antiques of Egypt, paintings, and sculptures from almost whole of the world.

Museum of Moving Image – It is a digital museum which caters to the various aspects of media. It also contains several video games and gaming hardware. Museums in New York City. Kids would love to visit such a museum.

Historical Society – It is a historical museum which excavates the rich cultural heritage and beauty of New York. It not only presents the historical artifacts but also provides a substantial range of school programmes, teacher resources as well as an academic fellowship to foster a deep understanding of the history.

So, these are the top museums which are a must visit in the city. It is advised to you to visit not more than two museums on a day preferably one because it requires time to absorb the scenic beauty of such masterpieces. So, plan accordingly.

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