Most Top Known Churches in New York City

If you are in New York and you are looking for best churches to visit and want to know more about that Churches in New York and history then here is the list of churches and description for which they are recognized for.

St. Paul’s Chapel: St. Paul’s Chapel church is part of history if you have ever visited New York in past and when you return back to the same city you will find so many things are changed or changing but the thing which you will find same without even change of dot in this church.

The reason behind unchanged in that is many but the most important are testaments to religious values and architectural styles that have weathered the centuries and kept some part, at least, of New York’s history. This church was completed in 1766 which is located in Fulton and Vesey Streets in Lower Manhattan.

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Trinity Church: This church completion was one in the year 1846 and it was jumped away from St. Paul’s Chapel Church. Trinity Church is a very tall building of many stories as it was known as tallest in past it is located in Manhattan’s.

The church was built on Gothic Tradition, it has a hight of 128 feet spire is one of Trinity’s definitive characteristics. This is declared as a national landmark in 1976 when famous Americans Robert Fulton, William Bradford and Alexander Hamilton are buried.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: This is the most famous church in Manhattan and there is the reason for that. The Attraction of this church is its Massive brick and Marble which was built in 1879.

This enormous Roman Catholic church has seat up to 2,200 people and to see this old, unique church thousands of tourists walk through its Big and heavy doors to admire its pointed a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches, typical of churches and other large, formal buildings and stunning stained glass windows everyday addition to that the most people visit to view two a tapering conical on the top of a building which reaches up to 330 feet which touch the sky. It took $170 to $175 million to repair and restore the church’s intricate stone exterior.

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Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine: This is United States of America Largest church which is still under construction for 120 years and still not complete! This church also has Nickname St. John the Unfinished. This Church is governed by bishops which are located near Columbia University was started in 1892 and if you are frequent to visit this church then you will experience stop-and-go construction and renovations since its stand in long history.

This big church premise has seven different chapels, each one representing a different prominent ethnic group of immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island the same year work began on the church. It also includes five different musical organs, 124 feet-high ceilings and the largest circular rose window in the country.

St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church: This church is located on Park Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets in Manhattan this is just not built for worship and prayers, its unique design is a tourist attraction too. This was built in 1916 and thing which make this church different compared to other churches in New York Manhattan are its dome-style ceiling.

This was built of brick and limestone, once construction is done the church was opened its doors in 1918 and the total cost to build this church is nearly $5.5. million. Tourists and parishioners alike can enjoy St. Bartholomew’s unique architecture in the summer session, they enjoy by dining outside at Inside Park at St. Bart’s, a restaurant located at the church’s outdoor terrace.

Abyssinian Baptist Church: This is Hub of Harlem Since the 1920s and has been known as a major African American residential, cultural and business center. It was open in 1923 and it has largest Protestant church and also the largest group of people assembled for religious worship which is more than 10,000.

There are many more Churches in New York which you will love to visit because of it huge and Old history.

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