Major attractions to visit at the High Line

This amazing vantage point and a Sky Garden might be one of the most heard of places in the New York. The High Line was opened up back in 2009 and since then it has been one of the top most public attractions in the city. However it has not always been like this, so here’s a list of Major attractions to visit at the High Line.

Major attractions to visit at the High Line

Major Attractions to visit at the High Line

It is situated at 30 Ft high above the ground. Earlier It was an abandoned railway line at the heart of Manhattan. Now it has been revamped into a beautiful green space. Also a great hub for recreation and a platform for the local artists to display their art.

There are various options and very cool hot-spots to chill around the High line. The Art installations and architecture of the park is somewhat very majestic.

The Chelsea Market

A chill place and a food hall, where visitors can grab hold of a beer or a glass of wine. Also it is famous for its seasonal food carts. It was previously a dock located at the meatpacking district. This dock was used by the Nabisco factory.

It is located at the west 15th street. The Chelsea market has several option to hog on from Italian to Mexican and from chilled beers to glass of wine. This market has over 35 food chains and shops offering variety of options at your next visit to the High Line.

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The Diller-Von Furtenberg Sundeck

Sit back and relax at this ultimate chill place at the stretch of High Line park. This place is a park-cum-lounge. This place sports some lavish reclining lounge chairs that are set up along the pathways of the beautiful High Line. As well as a seasonal water feature to pamper those tired foots of the visitors.

Along with a Classic Lounge this is an absolutely perfect spot to enjoy the setting sun over the Hudson River with the chaos of hustling and bustling people. Therefore this is the a must visit on our list of Major Attractions to visit at the High Line.

The Green Park at 23rd Street

The only lawn and green space which is open for the public to sit and while away their time gazing at the exhilarating views of the Manhattan Skyline. This place is very popular among the New Yorkers for picnics. Also this place is used officially by the friends of High Line committee and NYC parks department to organize various events.


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The Art exhibition

The Art exhibition is managed by the Friends of the High Line. These Art pieces are changing regularly and replaced by new ones. The River that flows both ways is the only perennial and stand out art installation along the High Line. These art installations adds up to the beauty of this park and makes this place an must visit. And therefore it is a Major attractions to visit at the High Line.



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