Major attractions at the Bronx Zoo

Major attractions at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has been the oldest zoo in the entire United States. It was opened back in 1899. It has been the most popular destination for the families to have a great time with their kids. This colossal park has a wide diverse amount of animals in store which intrigues kids and adults alike. So We’ve tailored a list of Major attractions at the Bronx Zoo.

Major attractions at the Bronx Zoo

Major Attractions at the Bronx Zoo

This 265 acre landscape is home to over 4000 animals. Therefore this is an Paradise for animals lovers. The zoo is fantastically maintained and also has developed a natural wild habitat for the animals. The park has been made in such a way that is informative for the visitors and helps build awareness among the general people to save and protect wildlife.

Except for just gazing at the animals there are several other Major Attractions at the Bronx Zoo. Let’s take a look at them below…


The Bug Carousel

A carousel is always an instant attraction for the kids. The Bug carousel is one such place for the kids. Other than being a classic carousel its is bug themed. Ranging from Grasshoppers, lady bugs, etc the kids have a various option to choose from.


The Lion Safari

See the lions being lions laying around and whiling away their time. The lions are considered to one of the more social animals that is observed. See them interact with one another and having a good time an absolute new experience for the visitors.


The Gorilla Congo Forest

Watch the Gorilla’s living life like never before. Observing the Gorillas can really be fun. Watching them eat, play and also socially interacting with their own kind can get us to know how smart these amazing these beasts can be. Only by observing their characteristics and behavior one can make out why they are regarded as or closest of ancestors.

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Camel Ride

You Don’t need to go to Sahara Dessert to get the great camel ride. Visitors can catch the camel ride at the Wild Asia Plaza. The camel ride are the most fun part of the zoo and has been a Major Attraction at the Bronx Zoo. The camel ride will cost 8$ per person but it is worth each penny.

The Sea Lion Feeding

One of the most fun part of the Bronx Zoo i.e the sea lion feeding. These creatures are just too good for humans. They are smart and witty also they know how to put up a show for the spectators. These Beautiful beings also try to interact with humans and are quite fascinating to watch.

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The Wild Asia Monorail

The Wild Asia Monorail is an magnificent experience for the visitors at the Zoo. It gives a tour passing through the Bronx river and give the passengers the ultimate spectacles of Tigers, Rhinos and Elephants being engrossed in their natural habitat as they should be. Because of the true wildlife experience of this tour this has been a public favorite and a Major Attractions at the Bronx Zoo.

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