5 Best Hip Hop Clubs in New York City

Best Hip Hop Clubs in New York City

If you are looking to celebrate some of the special days of your life in New York, there can be nothing better than the hip hop clubs in New York City. Just bring in your gang and get started. These clubs in the New York offer you great music to dance to and yes, lots of drinks and accessories.

While there are numerous choices to choose from, the process of reaching to the best one might get complicated. Moreover, many of them would serve you with the music of other genres as well. This is why we have listed some great hip-hop clubs in New York to make it easier for you.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in New York City

Best Hip Hop Clubs in New York City
Hip Hop Clubs in New York City

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Attic NYC

This rooftop lounge in Manhattan offers you a great view of the 48th and 8th Avenue in Manhattan and is full of striking features to illuminate your party night. It attracts a great number of visitors in the months of summer and spring and emphasizes a laid-back vibe.

With bright and well-lit ambiance, Attic NYC offers you refreshing experience until the dawn breaks out. DJs will welcome you with the top 40 of the playlist of the town in this hip-hop club of New York City to bring you the best experience.

M1-5 Lounge

M1-5 Lounge is synonymous to the massive hangout with red walls and refers to the Tribeca’s zoning ordinance which allows the great restaurants to existing together with the warehouses. Attracting a wide variety of crowds like well-suited brokers and screenwriters, it offers world-class martini.  Hip Hop Clubs in New York City.

Having its location between the Chinatown and Tribeca, it hosts you with bold black and red interiors with high-level ceilings and pool tables. This place is simply for every occasion, be it a party, be it a corporate meeting or be it some me-time in the single’s night.

bOb Bar

Perfect for the young and lively people, this bar plays great hip-hop playlist. , bOb bar offers you packed dance floor to move your body to and is ideal for the late night parties (because it is when it opens).

The Raven

This 2400 square foot club finds its home in the center of Meatpacking district. The skills of the creative director have helped him organize great interiors including red glimmering lights, word-dusted mirrors, low height ceilings and waitresses hosting you in the black rubber dress, all in a single place.

The Raven can accommodate 400 people at once and DJs play the top hip-hop charts throughout the night. Open for the intimate and upscale crowd, this place has some dim light and cozy environment to you.

Co-op Rivington Hotel

Drinks like Pink Bazooka (vodka, basil, watermelon juice and frozen coconut water) along with a handful of truffle popcorn, this hottest lounge of the city is the one that you cannot afford to miss. Co-op Rivington serves you with some of the seasonal delicacies made out of the best quality of herbs, fruits, and vegetables.  The hip-hop playlist is selected by the great DJs and master mixologist to entertain you.

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