Deadly Helicopter Crash At New York City’s East River Took Five Lives

Sunday night proved to be a dreadful night for New York City as a helicopter carrying five passengers crashed flipping upside down into New York City’s East River. This is recorded as a brutal helicopter crash in the history.

Deaths of the passengers have been confirmed by the spokesperson of NYPD. Passersby took video of the entire accident and posted the same on twitter which clearly showed how helicopter drowned. The red helicopter hit very badly in the water.

It was a private charted which was specially hired for a photo shoot and was coming back from Gracie Mansion, the moyarale residence. The only pilot was saved as he was successful to free himself from drowning helicopter.

Police and fire department recovered all five passengers drowned in the helicopter, tight harnesses were used to remove them from the water.

New York city’s Fire commissioner Daniel said, “It took awhile for the drivers to get these people out. They worked very quickly as fast as they could. It was a great tragedy that we had here”

People who were present on the water front at the time of this tragic incident recalled this horrific incident and told us that helicopter was flying very noisily when all of the sudden it just crashed into the water and with in no time just drowned and submerged in the water. It gave no time for rescue even. However, after few seconds pilot managed to come above the waters, with the help of a rescuing device and was rescued by officials.


Mary Lee, 66 who was present there said, ” It’s cold water. It was sinking really fast, By the time we got out here, we couldn’t see it. It was underwater.”

Another witness Celia Skyvaril told that she saw a person floating above water on a yellow colored raft screaming for help.

Susan Larkin told that she could see how rescue team was working really hard to take out the passengers from under the water.

In a statement issued by a spokesperson of Federal Aviation Administration, they said that it was around 7 pm when Eurocopter AS350 went down. The aircraft was the property of Liberty Helicopters. The company is known for offering helicopters on rent for both private and sightseeing purposes. However, the company has not responded yet to the phone message left for them.

This is not the first deadly crash in New York earlier also such dreadful incidents have taken place. In the year 2009, a helicopter from the same company and same model collided with another small private plan at  Hudson River. The crash killed almost 9 passengers including one of the Italian tourists as well.


Another crash took place in October 2011 when a British lady hired a plan for her 40th birthday. Along with the lady, three other passengers were also killed when the plane crashed at East. These are just two cases, but many crashes in previous years have happened to take the life of so many people.

James O Neil, Police commissioner of New York along with Nigro issued a statement in which they mentioned that rescue operation was conducted in 4 mph current in water and about 50 feet down the water. The conditions were really miserable and challenging but rescue team managed to recover all the passengers.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are still in the process of investigating the cause of the crash. However, authorities have not yet released the name of the pilot or any of the passengers.

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