Coney Island Aquarium New York City

Coney Island Aquarium

The Coney Island Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums in US. At first, it was opened in Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan in the year 1896. Later on, in the year 1957, it was relocated to Coney Island in Brooklyn. The aquarium is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, better known as WCS. The accreditation is provided by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, better known as AZA.

The sole mission of the aquarium is to provide utmost safety and security to the wildlife and wild places present all over the world by using the medium of education, science and technology, conservatory action and also inspiring people to know and inbuilt the value and importance of nature.

Coney Island Aquarium New York

Coney Island Aquarium

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The New York Aquarium covers an area of about 14 acres. Aquatic wild life of 266 species have got a new and safe home here. The mission of the aquarium is to increase an awareness amongst the people about the ocean related problems and the extinction of the most exotic species of it. It is carried out by means of public events, exhibitions and researches by professional researchers.

The local conservation programme conducted by the WCS which is better known as the New York Seascape programme is planned in such a way that the restoration of the healthy population of the aquatic life and the protection of the waters of the city can be done in a well disciplined manner to save the cultural as well as the economic prosperity of the city.

There are lots of things to be seen in this aquarium of New York.
The list is as follows :

Flicks on the Beach – It is a free film series at the beachside which represents a mixture of classic and modern movies.

Abe Stark Skating Arena – It is used for playing hockey in the winter season for all age groups.

Amphitheatre – It is a 5000 seat area for all kinds of shows.

Historic Carousel – It has various kinds of carvings on 50 wooden horses 2 chariots.

Beach and Boardwalk – It provides some relief from the hot summer season.

Open Water Swimming – It is an excellent source for open water swimmers. Fun and challenging water races are conducted which include long distance and cold water races as well.

Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance – It is a small tribute to those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives on 11th September 2001. Coney Island Aquarium. The images of all the people are engraved with the usage of laser. It is an unforgettable testament.

Coney Island Film Festival – The mission of this festival is to gather funds for the non profit organization of art in that area. It is done by displaying some entertaining and attention grabbing films.

Fun Map – It is a historic amusement area with a varied range of attractive features. Coney Island Aquarium.

Eldorado Bumper Car Arcade – It is an arcade of old school bumper cars and the best sound system on Surf Avenue.

Wonder Wheel Amusement Park – It is the center of attraction of Coney Island. It is famous for its rides and attractions. It has 21 thrilling rides, live entertainment, two arcades, music and many more.

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