Bryant Park in New York City

Bryant Park in New York City

Bryant Park in New York City is the largest and spacious public place. It has so many memories for so many people. But do you know about the secrets or journey of this park? Here let me tell you about the journey and the secrets beneath the journey of this beauty of new york city.

Secrets of the Bryant Park:

Bryant Park in New York City
Bryant Park in New York City

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Can you believe that it used to be a graveyard for the poor people? But don’t worry there are no traces of any dead bodies after it was decided to move the graveyard towards the island. In the year 1840, this cemetery was decided to change into the reservoir.


Bryant Park is full of knowledge you can’t even imagine how many sacks of books lay below the park which are like the bricks to the building. There are totally like 125 miles of shelves which includes totally humanities and social science books.

Croton distribution reservoir:

When it was decided to make a reservoir from a graveyard it was named as croton distribution reservoir. It was done in the year 1842 which costs $500,000 but in the year 1877, it was demanded to be demolished as said to be useless. There are still few traces of the reservoir under the park.


The new york’s first skyscraper can you believe it, it was in the place of this park. It was taller than trinity church, they were millions of people who come to visit this place. But unfortunately, this was destructed due to the flames in the year 1858.


There was an article published online about this issue within hours it became so viral among the people in the year 2015. The official didn’t say that they will destroy that but they were planning to cover it up.


When there was happening a revolutionary war when the military force crossed this place after the destruction of the reservoir. It was given to the military for practicing the troops. But the sad moment which is attached to this place is when the protesting was happening the people were shot dead like the time police came and took control over the place there were 2000 dead bodies lying on the ground. You can see William earle dodge statue in the park.


There is a trap door present in the park which ends in the power room. This power will be used by the winter village. And it also gives the power to HBO festival.


You can get to see a rather fancy beautiful bathroom. Its kind of like a temple to all another bathroom it may be from outside or from inside. It has a stone structure. You can have a tile furniture to be seen and also the classical music.

These are those secrets of the Bryant Park in New York City which is really interesting so when you go next time to visit this place be sure to examine these which can make your visit more interesting.

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