Reasons Why Book Covers are So Important

Book Covers: You believe it or not, people judge a book by its cover and the more appealing a book cover will be, the more sales it will bring to its book. The people who remain attached to the book industry know the importance of a book cover for the success of a book.

If you take Jennifer Niven’s “All the Bright Places” as an example here, the cover of this book has an attractive line that gets the attention of people when they see the book. The line is The Story of a Boy Called Finch and a Girl Named Violet”. Similarly, every book contains an eye-catching cover that attracts readers towards it. Below you can find some valuable reasons why book covers are so important in the book industry.

Read these reasons and give your book a perfect cover. A book cover works as a “Sales Pitch” if it successfully gets the attraction of its target audience. However, if it fails to strive enough among the thousands of books with it, it will be passed by some other interesting books. To make a 100% effective cover design, there are a number of things that you need to consider before finalizing anything. You need to make it sure that the text on the cover is clear enough and easy to read from a distance.

The text colors and font type should be clear enough to get the attraction of a person even from a distance. Otherwise, if you use any unprofessional or unappealing font, the book will not be able to get the people’s attraction and all of your efforts will go in vain. A perfect book cover also works as “Billboard” for the book that compels people to see towards it.

Why Book Covers are so Important

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As there are a number of particular styles and designs that are used to give a certain message to the public, there are also some colors and designs that portray some certain information about a book. For example, if a book cover has got a dark cover with lots of shadows, it means that the book relates to horror. Similarly, if a book has got a bright white cover with some clouds, it means that the book is all about some motivational stuff.

A cover also creates a preconception in its audience that they come to know about the book even without reading it. It gives an idea to a reader that what the characters or the setting of the book will look like. A well-designed cover will give an assurance to people that the book they are going to read is of high quality and possesses an engaging content.

Otherwise, if the cover has got badly aligned text and pixelated images, the book will not able to deliver a professional first impression in the market. A book cover also gives “value for money” of a reader. When a person buys a book, he sees its cover to get an idea that whether the money will be credited or not. You must have seen this thing in every book market that people visit a shop and see covers of different books before they pay for anyone.

In any case, if people’s attention goes towards any error or sloppiness on a book cover, they will consider it as a blunder and will presume the book as unprofessional and unreliable. Since writing books has become one of the professions to earn money and fame, a number of people have entered into the book industry and the competition level has gone to its peak.

People Judge Book by their Cover

Whether self-published authors, groups, or an independent press, it has become difficult for everyone to make unique recognition in the market because there are thousands of books already available about a topic before a new book is published. The concept of “Pro Covers” is not an “optional” or a “nice to have” thing anymore, rather it has become “essential” for every book to have an eye-catching and stunning cover to allure its audience.

Considering this, bookshops also display books in their shops with their covers facing the buyers in order to attract them through the messages or designs the covers have. It is simply something that you can’t compromise with. Considering this importance of book covers, publishing companies are now paying more attention to the covers of the books they publish.

They get professional logo design services that perfectly set the publisher’s logo on a book cover and they also approach to different graphic designers to give the cover a perfect design. There is also a regional importance of a book cover as it plays a great role in delivering a book’s message to its target audience. In this regard, the titles given to books provide a clear view to readers that what content a book may have.

Also, a book can be given different titles in different countries. For example, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was renamed in the United States version as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”.

Consequently, a book cover plays a great role in the success of a book and you can see in the International Best Seller books that their covers are unique and perfectly depict the content and topic of their respective books. So, stop believing in “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” rather give importance to the cover of every book in order to gain the attention of people.

As David Leonhardt said,

“If People don’t notice your cover or don’t connect with it, the author of the book next to yours will be very grateful.”

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