Which Boat Tours in New York City is Best for you?

Boat Tours in New York City

Getting satisfied with the bus tours or probably the walking tours is not justified for your great New York trip, is it? After all, it is “The New York”. While you might be wondering what am I talking about, it is the marvellous New York Boat ride.

Boat Tours in New York City. What could be more amazing than to get on the sail on the upper deck of your yacht or sailboat rails and have a grand view of those picturesque sights that New York offers you?

Boat Tours in New York City
Boat Tours in New York City

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Moreover, the closed compartments of cars and buses will not suffocate you or stop you from breathing the city air. To cut the hassle of shortlisting the best New York Boat tours, we have done it already for you. All you got to do is, select one of them and hop.

Circle Line: Complete Manhattan Island Cruise

This tour takes you around Manhattan Island within a time span of 2.5 hours as you sail across various bridges. Enroute through three rivers and five towns, this New York boat ride allows you to witness great sights of the city, and Statue of Liberty is also one of them.

New York Harbour Hop-on Hop-off Cruise

Well, this is what gives an all-new definition to the Boat Tours in New York City. Instead of having various boats to take you around the city, this cruise offers you water taxis. You can simply hop on them similar to the way you catch up taxis on road and it’ll take you around the city. Amazing, isn’t it?

Statue of Liberty Cruise

Well, this is tailor-made for the tourists who want to sail all through to reach 100 feet Statue of Liberty. Without stopping in between, this water taxi ride will pass by some of the landmarks in Manhattan to reach the ultimate destination.

New York City Twilight Sail

Sunset and the city view, scenic to imagine, right? Boat Tours in New York City. This is what this boat ride has in-store for you. Just grab a drink for yourself and begin with your ride through the amazing attractions of the city.

Rock the Yacht New York City Party Cruise

This New York boat ride is perfect for fun and party-loving visitors. From great bar to the dancing floors, it has everything to give you a grand nightlife experience of The City that Never Sleeps.

Circle Line: Landmarks and Brooklyn Cruise

Stating from Bay Ridge to Greenpoint, this cruise lets you grasp a great view through Brooklyn. Boat Tours in New York City. This cruise takes you on the sail through magnificent destinations of New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges.

Hudson’s By World Yacht New York Dinner Cruise

Well, what could be as awesome as a combination of great food and breathtaking sights? This cruise offers you some of the exotic seasonal dishes to satisfy your taste buds while taking you on a ride through a three-level yacht.

Circle Line: Beast Speedboat Ride

This is a perfect half an hour ride for the speed lovers. It takes you all the way to Statue of Liberty in the  70-foot boat at a speed of 45 miles per hour.

Champagne Brunch Sail in New York City

This is the option from our list of New York boat tours that you must go for if you want to enjoy delicious brunch having a great variety of delicacies on a sail to the harbor. Boat Tours in New York City.

Private New York Sunset Boat Tour

Beginning with the crew welcoming you with a bottle of champagne, this is the best from New York boat tours that lets you enjoy a trip in personal space. Be it a perfect date with your soul mate or be it your wish to have some “me-time”, this two-hour sail on the Hudson River has it for you.

Staten Island Ferry

Free Free Free… Everything that has this word associated to it becomes attractive automatically, so does this boat ride. Boat Tours in New York City. This complimentary ride through Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty is the best hit for you.

Spirit Lunch/ Dinner Cruise

Well, why only brunch? Why not simply all the meals in the wavy sea? With this intention, Spirit brings the Lunch/ Dinner cruise for you. Choose as per your convenience and get going.

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