Best Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is an major cultural center in the state of California. There is a reason why the city of San Francisco is 13th most populated city in the United States and also the 3rd most populated city in the state of California. There are a plethora of places to visit in San Francisco, therefore here is a list of Best Things to do in San Francisco.

The city is foreknown for its cultural heritage and some exquisite restaurants. The city of San Francisco is also famously home to top Chefs in the United States. So lets shed light on the fun thing to do in San Francisco and explore the city like never before.

Best Things to do in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

One of the most iconic suspension bridge in the world. It is one of the modern marvels of the world. The monumental bridge lies between San Francisco Bay and Marin county.  This mega structure spans over a length of 1.7 miles.

Along with this structure being a heart of commute for millions of people daily it is also an amazing places to visit in San Francisco. A top tourist location where you can gaze the ships passing by under this gigantic bridge. It is the best place in the San Francisco to be photographed. Tourists in large number flock here only to be awestruck.

Because of the wonderful experience of the Golden Gate Bridge it is one of the most visited sites in San Francisco.


Golden Gate Park

One of the top places to visit in list of San Francisco attractions. This park stretches in a  space spanning over 1017 acres. This place boast to be bigger than the Central Park in New York.

You can visit this place to enjoy a perfect picnic with an aesthetic view. You can spot many dutch windmills and buffalo herds. It is an amazing spot to spend a day out with your family.

One of the most visited places in the park are the Japanese Tea Garden and the DeYoung museum. Other attraction include spotting albino alligator and the cute penguins at the California Academy of Sciences.

The Orchids gardens in the park are also worthy of a visit because you may have never visited a place this colorful and beautiful like it.


Alcatraz Island

The famously infamous the Alcatraz island prison is an integral part of the San Francisco tours. Previously it was home to or rather a containment for one of the most notorious personnel of the  city. It was a military outpost and was used as a federal prison from 1933 to 1963.

Its reputation grew more as a tourist location after it was featured in numerous movies. The only way to reach this island is through ferry. You can visit this place and dig up more about it.

Union Square in San Francisco

If You’re a Sucker for a shopping marathon then the Union Square is the place to be. The Union Square is only answer to your what to do in San Francisco. It is one of the most lavish and renowned neighborhoods in the City.

Union square is probably most famous for its shopping stores and stylish high end retail stores. But the Union square is also well known for its crazy parties. The locals in San Francisco truly know how to party therefore checking out the nightlife circuit here is an absolute must.

The union square always has a bunch of amazing stuff going on around with top cafes, restaurants, etc. It is also a perfect place to spend your evening by people watch.


Chinatown of San Francisco

Welcome to China in your very own San Francisco. This Chinatown is one of the biggest Chinatowns in outside Asia. It will leave you wondering are you roaming the streets of San Francisco or the the streets of Hong Kong.

You can buy some amazing artifacts from these Chinese stalls. And also don’t forget to try authentic Chinese cuisine in those traditional shops. You can find San Francisco Chinatown about eight blocks long and having two long main streets, Grant Avenue and Stockton Street.

During the Chinese New Year Festival the charm of this places almost doubles itself. This lunar festival takes places between January and early February. The festival also has a grand Chinese parade which is a worth watching experience with all its colorful display.


The San Francisco Cable Car Ride

The Cable car system is the pride of every local residing in the San Francisco. The start of these cable cars dates back to 1873. Though it is so synonymous with the San Fran culture and heritage, the locals rarely travel in these cable cars.

Now it is mere a mode of entertainment for the visitors in the city who are looking for something new to thrive upon. Though these cable cars can reach only a few locations it is suggested that you plan your trip well before hand.

The Palace of Fine Arts

The palace of fine arts is a monumental structure in the history of United States. It was built back in 1915 to exhibit and showcase some astounding pieces of art. This place is also famous with movies and many movies have been shot here.

The structure is surrounded by a small waterfront with variety of wildlife that can be spotted. This place is now used as a art museum and definitely a must on the list of best things to do in San Francisco.


View From The Twin Peaks

The view offered by the twin peaks are some gorgeous sights in the world. It is a top tourist attractions in the world and the San Francisco tours. This is one of the most visited sights in this City for the the reason that it offers spectacular views of the Bay area.

There are two peaks which are situated adjacent to each other and 922 ft tall. Visitors can also enjoy the enormous 64 acre park which has a splendid backdrop thus making it an awesome location for photography.

Tourists spot plenty of vegetation and wildlife all through the mountains making it more of an enchanting experience.

The Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden of San Francisco deserved a special individual mention in our list of best things to do in San Francisco.  It was made with the intention of an exhibit in the Golden Gate park but the beauty of it stuck to the place and it was developed as a full Garden back in 1894.

This park is essential because it hold the beauty, tranquility and harmony of a Japanese-style garden in the best way possible some of the notables mentions that should not be missed are the arched drum bridge, pagodas, stone lanterns, stepping stone paths, native Japanese plants, serene koi ponds and a zen garden.


Fishermans wharf of San Francisco

This is a classic fisherman’s market with many of the gourmet restaurants selling fresh fish of the day. There are also abundant of eateries and stalls which offer the best sea food in the states.

This places is like the heart of all the cool activities and should not be missed by the tourists. People can indulge in longs walks, boat rides or segway.

To the west of wharf there lies the Ghirardelli square where you can find a bunch a interesting things to shop.

Aquarium Of  The Bay Of  San Francisco

It is based at the waterfront of San Francisco.  It is home to variety of local marine life which is at display for the visitors and experience the marine life like never before.

The aquarium includes 300 ft of  tunnels which are home to more than 20000 aquatic animals. These include the local species of aquatic animals too. The Jelly Fish in these tunnels are the star attractions so what are you waiting for, just go ahead and interact with these majestic creatures.


Ghirardelli Square

The Ghirardelli Square is an important square to the locals especially historically.  Back in the late 1800s it was an chocolate factory now it is a location to buy numerous items and souvenirs. Though this place still has a store there and a soda fountain.

You can check out numerous  classic restaurants in the Ghirardelli Square. It is in a walkable distance from the Fishermans Wharf.


Coit Tower of San Francisco

The Coit tower is a superb vantage point which offers some breathtaking  views of the entire city of the San Francisco. It is situated at the top of Telegraph hill. You can view the never ending bay and amazing views of the sunsets.

The Coit Tower is named after Lillie Hitchcock Coit who was supposed to e a very wealthy man. When he passed away he left behind a huge amount of his riches to the Government of San Francisco. This tower was  consequently built in his memory.

And now this monument serves as one of the top tourist attractions of  San Francisco now attracting visitors in large numbers.


Asian Art Museum Of San Francisco

Asian Art Museum is home to one of the largest collections of Asian artifacts. It is said that it has a collection of over 18000 pieces of arts. Most notably some of them are as ancient as 6000 years.

This museum was Founded when Avery Brundage donated a large amount of his wealth to the city to have this spectacular museum. Avery Brundage himself was an avid collector of Asian art pieces and artifacts. The museum attracts a staggering number of visitors every year.


Ferry To Angel Island

Angel Island is the second largest island in the bay. The island is commercialized for the sake of tourism. But the Island is the party you wouldn’t wanna miss. This is indeed one of the most fun places in San Francisco.

The Angel Island has certainly has the best restaurants and bars to relax and take a chill pill. These Islands have some breathtaking views and perfect spot to enjoy an entire day.

The Angel Island also regularly keep arranging many fun activities according to the festivals and seasons coming up. Do check out in advance prior to your visit there.


Lombard Street of San Francisco

People everywhere call San Francisco’s Lombard Street the “Crookedest” Street, and from the looks of it on a busy day, every single San Francisco tourist is there at the same time.

Lombard is a street that runs all the way across town, hence the part of it visitors want to see is only a block long between Leavenworth and Hyde, a section with eight sharp turns and a roadway flanked by colorful flowers.


Yerba Buena Gardens

The Yerba Buena Gardens are a Memorial to the great Martin Luther King jr. It is one of the most well built urban parks in United states.

It is included in the list of top 30 urban parks in US. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. There is a lot of cool  activities going around all through the year in this Park. Visitors can also relax in the numerous cafes and also be entertained at the theaters and museums in the park.


Trip Across the Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge is also known as the San Francisco -Oakland Bay Bridge. 240,000 vehicles a day pass over the bridge on one of the ten lanes designated for vehicles. The bridge was constructed to connect San Francisco Bay and Oakland. There is also a cycle and pedestrian lane.

The bridge initially carried trains on the lower deck but once the Key System Transit line was closed it was converted to vehicles, thus doubling the capacity for cars and lorries. In 2002 one part of the bridge collapsed and the entire bridge had to be closed for one month, the repair cost an estimated $6.5 billion.


Take A Stroll Along Ocean Beach

The ocean beach is a very clean beach with now many tourist visiting this gem of a beach. who doesn’t like to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Or have long walks by the beach.

This beach has some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is situated in the Golden Gate park therefore it is away from the hustle and buslte of the San Francisco city.

So This is our list of top attractions in San Francisco and the best things to do in San Francisco. If you want to know more about places go check out our article on things to do in New York .  You can check out many more stuff like this on our website.

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