Best Things to do in Orlando

Things to do in Orlando

Orlando is one of the fourth largest city in terms of population in the state of Florida. Since Orlando has so much to offer to its visitors this city is one of the most visited city in the world in terms of tourism. In this article we have a varied bunch of attractions and best things to do in Orlando.

The city of Orlando is considered as ‘The theme park capital of the world’. There are a numerous and humongous theme parks spread across the city. It not only attracts large numbers of kids but also adult visitors, apart from the parents accompanying their kids. Furthermore the city of Orlando is nicknamed as the ‘The city Beautiful’.

This city saw an enormous rise in the number of tourist in 1971 when Walt Disney decided to make Orlando the home of Disney World. But Orlando is way more than its amusement parks. There are tons of outdoor activities to do in the city.

Discovery Cove

best things to do in Orlando

An aquatic paradise where tourists can interact, swim and play with these magnificent creatures. A perfect holiday destination for families to spend an entire day. Visitors can swim with the dolphins, feed the birds, snorkel and chill out in the exotic beaches.

This place is a must for the little one as they can spend sometime with the animals and learn more from up close. The Discovery Cove is an unique experience which is one of a kind. Hence it remains one of the top things to do in Orlando

International Drive

best things to do in Orlando

The International Drive or the ‘I-Drive’ has a series of restaurants and hotels which can be a good break away from all the amusement parks. The I-Drive has some exclusively luxurious hotels to stay. It has the famous Orlando convention center which host many shows which keeps people entertained.

If you’re a sucker for golf, the International drive has some awesome golf courses at very short distances. Along with sports you can enjoy the night life here and dance the night away. In the evening the I-Drive is one of the most happening places in Orlando and you can find numerous bars and clubs.

This place also has a lot to offer to the shopper heads. The shopping mall here has the top-end brands and exclusive stores. Visitors are always astonished and can never return without buying some exciting stuff. Since everything is at such a near proximity, people usually don’t rent a car in this part of the city. Though the I-Drive trolley and the Lynx bus are the options of commute here if needed which is very much affordable. Therefore International Drive is an must on the list of thing to do in Orlando.

Experience Gatorland

best things to do in Orlando

Welcome to the home of Alligators and Crocodiles. It is the alligator capital of the world. Visitors can be up close with these magnificent beasts therefore learn more about them. Besides the obvious attractions here You can spot Turtles, Birds, snakes and the big cats.

The Gatorland has a bunch of experiences in store for its visitors. Activities like zip lining, enjoy the free flight aviary, and a Gator Land off road fun are some of the attractions here in the park.

Box Into Legoland

best things to do in Orlando

This a block of plastic paradise. Among the numerous amusement parks and theme park this park stands to be the most unique one. Everybody has probably lived a part of their childhood playing with the Lego blocks, this is one place where you can live that part of your childhood again.

This amusement park has numerous rides that are obviously themed on Lego. you can also find the water slides in this park which are nothing less than thrilling. This park also has a hotel where you can spend some time in leisure. This place is one of the top recommendation on the list of what to do in Orlando.

Up-top at Icon Orlando

best things to do in Orlando

The Icon Orlando is situated at the famous I-Drive. This is no ordinary ferris wheel, from up-top this ride gives some jaw dropping views of the Orlando skyline. The ferris wheel gives 360 views of the city with some breath taking sites.

There are 30 closed capsules with ample space inside of it and it is also fully air conditioned. Because it is so famous with the tourists there can be huge queues to get on the wheel. But most importantly it is worth all the wait. Therefore take out some time of your schedule to visit this ride.

Get Artsy at Crayola Experience

best things to do in Orlando

A place where your kids can find their inner Pablo Picasso. This is a place in the Orlando mall. Its no ordinary craft store, The Crayola Experience is a new experience for the kids. Here kids can make the crayon jewelry, melted crayon artwork, and also take a look at the worlds largest crayon.

This place also has a cute lil cafe where you can have a bite of some amazing cupcakes. You can find the Color playground where kids can play till they drop dead. This place is an absolutely colorful experience for your family and a must on things to do in Orlando.

Party at Wall Street Plaza

best things to do in Orlando

The Wall Street Plaza is the perfect place to socialize, drink, dance and unwind. The wall street plaza is an absolutely party place and has a many pubs, restaurants and open spaces for parties. This place has a reputation to be the most happening place in the City.

Wall Street plaza hosts some major events which attract large number tourists. S.T. Patrick’s Day, New year’s Eve, Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras, etc. are one of the few most noteworthy days to be here. The Shine, Monkey Bar, Wall street Cantina are the most popular bars where people have a great time.

This place never lets you fall dull and always has something for you in store. Visitors said that they loved the karaoke, and indulging in mad drinking games. Therefore visit to the Wall street is a must on the list of Fun things to do in Orlando.

Explore the wild at Forever Florida

best things to do in Orlando

The Forever Florida is an whole new experience where visitors are introduced to the wild like adventures like never before. This place is located at the heart of the Florida. The Forever Florida has some of the coolest activities to indulge. And also some enthralling group activities that will get you and your squad thumping and upbeat.

This Park has a ride named ‘The zip coaster’ which is the main attraction here. Other activities include Horse riding, and The Trail Buggy Adventure is a guided tour that brings visitors deep into the wild of Florida from the comfort of our one-of-a-kind Trail Buggy. For the adventurer who prefers knowledge and the excitement that comes with seeing native Florida wildlife in their natural habitat, the Trail Buggy Adventure is right up your alley.

Kennedy Space Center

best things to do in Orlando

the Kennedy Space Center is famous for its launch pad. To the east of Orlando this space center has a frequent rocket launch which is a sight to see. Though may not find a rocket launch during your visit but the space center is an absolutely one of a kind experience.

Visitors are introduced to various space programs of NASA and also the future projects that are being implemented. The Kennedy space center was free for the kids between the age of 10-11 years to promote and inspire the new generation to take up space research. There are plenty of things to learn here like the launch to the moon and the guided tours here are a must.

These amazing facts and study is surely makes the visitors intrigued to know more about space. The visit to the Space Center is worth spending an entire day. There is a beach down the road from the space center which is an local attraction named the Playlinda Beach.

The Universal studio

best things to do in Orlando

One of the biggest theme park in the city and truly one of the most amazing ones. Practically it is not possible to explore the entirety of Universal studio all at once. The list of attractions at the Universal Studio is endless. Apart from kids amusement this place also has rides and activities for adults too.

The Universal studio has a fantastic and luxurious hotel to stay. This place boasts to be the coolest place in the adventure and have a great time staing back. A new show has been buzzing recently and lighting up the Universal studio named the Cinematic celebration. This Show includes the magnificent cinematic experience from Jurassic world, Fast and the furious, Minions and many more.

The Volcano Bay is an amazing water theme park which give all the thrill and chill to the visitors and is a must visit on list of thing to do in Orlando. Also ‘the incredible Hulk coaster’ also deserves a special mention. Therefore plan your visit well prior to your visit and pick out your favorite rides and experiences.

The Disney World Orlando

best things to do in Orlando

The world famous Disney world that makes the Orlando city one of the most visited city in the world by tourist. Disney World is an experience that lives with the visitors especially kids for the rest of their lives. This humongous theme park spreads across 30,000 acre of land with the theme park divided into 4 sections. Magic Kingdom, MGM studios, Epcot and the Animal kingdom. Moreover the Disney world also has 2 water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon. There is no best time to visit Disney world it is always remains this awesome and Magical to all kinds of audience. So let’s jump right into it.

Animal Kingdom And Epcot

best things to do in Orlando

The Animal Kingdom as the name suggests is an animal zoo come theme park. It is completely a New world and a unique experience for all. The Epcot is like in a different dimension from this world. There are far too man attraction in the Epcot to be mentioned few of the notable ones are the Spaceship Earth, The mission space, Soarin’ Around the world and the house of whispering willows.

MGM Hollywood studio

best things to do in Orlando

Another Fun section of the Disney World is the MGM Hollywood studio. This studio is based on the disney movies and has rides and attractions based on the movies such as the star wars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo. The Toy mania is the most famous part of this section of the Disney World. Inspired by the famous Toy Story movie series. It has some extravagant 3-D tours which are mind Boggling. It is one of the main attractions and fun thing to do in Orlando.

The Magic Kingdom

best things to do in Orlando

The Magic Kingdom has till date remains the most visited Theme park In the world and also the Disney World. It has a Cinderella’s Castle where all the magic takes place. There are several other section in the Magic Kingdom Like the Frontier land, Fantasyland, Adventure land, Main Street USA, Liberty square and Tomorrow land. All the rides here make up for the thing to do in Orlando City.

The Fantasy land Caters to the little ones more and is the best possible place to spend a moment of their childhood. Here you can find various Disney characters who meet and greet the Kids. On the other hand adventure land is the place which caters to the relevantly adults. This part of the place has some enthralling rides that will just blow your mind away. There is a reason the Magic Kingdom remains one of the most noteworthy part of the Disney World and fun things to do in Orlando

These were our list of best things to do in Orlando, Florida. As we took a look into the city it lives up to the reputation of Theme Park capital of the world. But not only the Theme parks there are many things to be explored in this exciting city Therefore we may have missed a few thing. So let us know about more exciting and fun things to do in Orlando down in the comments.

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