Best Things to do in Central Park New York City

No other park is so big, beautiful, and famous like the central park. This huge landscape of 843 acres is a park at the heart of the Manhattan, New York. This is one of the biggest parks in the entire of the United States of America. The central park has been there in the New York city for the past 150 years and has developed a lot over time. therefore here we have the top recommendations and Best things to do in Central Park New York City.

Best things to do in Central Park New York City

Things to do in Central Park New York City
Central Park

The visitors have been falling in love with the central park for the past 150 years and have never been disappointed by this natural landmark.

We have picked the Best things to do in Central Park New York City for the visitors and locals living in the Manhattan to enjoy this very public space and make the most out out of this landmark.

The Bike Tour

Bike Ride Tours at Central Park

The bike Tour around the central park is one of the most amazing things to do in the central park. Sometimes walking on this humongous park can be a little difficult because of  its huge size.

But the bike tour is an amazing way to explore the entire central park and see around the natural beauty that it has to offer. you can the a bike from the central park official bike rental service.

You can explore around in your own pace and stop by places as you like. The rental cost can range from 15$-40$.

The Strawberry Fields

Mosaic Memorial for Peace, a tribute to John Lennon.

A Tribute to the great musician who inspired a generation and many more to come, Mr. John lennon. The Strawberry Fields is a homage paid to the world famous Beatle.

This 2.5 acre land was developed at the 45th birthday of John Lennon. This area in the central park is a quite zone but this place has magnificent and tall stretched elm trees, shrubs, flowers and rocks.

The iconic black and white ‘Imagine’ mosaic was designed by the Italian artists which is a tribute to John Lennon and gives out a strong message of peace and hence this garden is also known as the garden of peace.

This space is just adjacent to the Dakota Apartments where Mr. Lennon along with Yoko Ono used to live and was murdered too.

Carriage and Horse Rides

These Beautiful carriages and horse rides have been a very symbolic activity in the central park for almost a century now. It is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of the park.

People find it very romantic and intriguing to go around the park in this fashion. These rides can be found all round the year between the 5th and the 6th Avenues.

Concerts At The Central Park

The central Park has been renowned for the various concerts that are held in the park. Summer is the time when one can catch the world famous concerts such as the Summer stage concerts and Good Morning America concerts.

The Summer Stage Concert has been a notable event in the Central Park, along with other concerts such as GMA summer concert series, New York Philharmonic concerts, Metropolitan opera recital series, Naumburg orchestral series and Harlem Meer performance festivals.

Probably the Concerts are the major reasons for so many visitors flocking this park and having a time of their lifetime and hence have a special mention on our Best Things to do in Central Park New York City.


The Central Park Zoo

There is a myth that the Central Park was an accident where people left their abandoned pets back in 1850s, we don’t know how much truth does this holds but we’re happy that we have the opportunity to view and interact with a few magnificent creatures.

The Central Park Zoo is most noteworthy for its rare and exotic animals such as the Snow Leopard, Red Panda, and penguins are some of the animals you can see in the zoo.

However, to know more about the Central Park Zoo click here.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

This places is known as the heart of the Central Park because it is actually the center of the park. This is terrace was built by Alvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted which has delicate carvings and sculptures that exhibit both the times of the day and the four seasons of the year.

Also a fountain is situated at the center of this terrace. This iconic fountain features the eight-foot-tall Angel of the Waters. People throw a coin and make a wish here, maybe you can ask for something too here.

These were the few attractions at the Central Park that can be enjoyed by the visitors. probably the visitors can also just enjoy a sunset at the great lawns laying on their blankets and have a small picnic at this very place, The Central Park never runs out of things to do.

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