Top 10 Best Places in New York City

Places in New York

Well, New York is not only about the huge skyscrapers, great shopping complexes, Places in New York City the hot and happening nightlife and fun-loving people. It also holds a great history of itself which is well represented by various historical places of New York.

These structural diaries of history speak a lot about the struggles of former New York and the great past in the form of art pieces and also symbolize the expertise of great architects of former New York. These historical places of New York will allow you to experience the journey of New York from the initial days to what it is now.

Top 10 Best Places in New York

Places in New York

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Apollo Theatre

This 103 years old theatre has witnessed some of the greatest performances including Ella Fitzgerald’s first performance in 1934, the night of Jimi Hendrix winning Amateur Night Contest in 1964 and lot many since it got erected. Places in New York City. This theatre has been one of the favorite historical places of New York.


This is a small museum which gives you an insight to the former shipbuilding center. This center was the one to employ 70,000 people during World War-II.

Brooklyn Bridge

Standing as a symbol of architectural brilliance of the architects of former New York, Brooklyn bridge allows you to view the lower Manhattan and the great Statue of Liberty. With great history and titles, this historical place of New York attracts many visitors throughout the year.

Chrysler Building

This historical place of New York lets you grasp the views of huge skyscrapers from its top. Places in New York City. A perfect combination of art and sophistication, Chrysler building takes pride in its amazing architecture.

The Cloisters

Constructed in the 1930s, this is the museum which allows you to view the brilliant art and architectural pieces from the era of Middle age.

Coney Island Cyclone

This is one of the oldest massive roller coasters in the city which is 100 years old. Places in New York City. Made of wood, the worshippers of thrills and adventure rejoice the sight of this roller coaster covering 3000 feet track at a speed of 60 miles per hour.

Ellis Island

This island holds a museum which speaks the stories of the 12 million immigrants who crossed it between 1892 and 1954. This historical place of New York gives you an insight into the struggle that our ancestors went through.

Empire State Building

The massive structure known as Empire State Building claimed the title of city’s tallest building in 1931 when completed. This 1,454-foot tall building encompasses various sights of tourist interest.

Federal Hall National Memorial

Holding a great history of the New York City, Federal Hall National Memorial was built in the years from 1699 to 1703. Location of many administrative centers like the first Congress, Supreme Court and Executive Branch offices, this historical place of New York still gives you goosebumps with its breathtaking view.

Flatiron Building

Once a dominant structure of the city, this building gives a sense of the threat and thrill of modernity.  This historical place of New York once was referred to as “a picture of a new America in making”.

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