5 Best Broadway Shows

First of all if anybody who is visiting New York City just cannot miss out on the Best Broadway Shows. Broadways plays and Musicals are an integral part of American art and culture. Visitors  and locals alike should enjoy one of these options.

Best Broadway Shows

Best Broadway Shows not to be missed

The Broadway musicals and plays attracts over a million of visitors and they never return disappointed. There are a variety of shows that can be checked out. The Broadway shows attracts many top artist and celebrities



A Musical play based on the book by Jessie Nelson. The musical is based on a woman named Jenna Huntersson, who is a pregnant waitress who supposedly makes the most delicious pies. She was tortured and abused by her husband and how then she falls for the gynecologist Dr. Jim Pomatter. The debut for this Musical took place back in April 2016 with original musical and lyric by six-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles. This musical sheds light on sensitive topics such as Marriage, Abuse, Love and dreams. It has been a very successful play and received much appreciation.

Dear Evan Hansen

A very contemporary show to catch on the Broadway circuit. Certainly the Musical is critically acclaimed because of performances by Ben Platt who also won the Tony for his performance as the best actor back in 2017. This musical can be enjoyed at the Music box theater. This show couldn’t have been ruled out of the Best Broadway Shows list and you shouldn’t miss it too.

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First of all a Quick trivia that this play is the prequel to the very famous story of Wizard of Oz. It is based on the story before Dorothy arrived at Oz. It portrays the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda, and  depicts complex themes like standard of beeauty and morality. Seems like the credit for the successful 14 years of running of this play goes to the author of its book Winnie Holzman. You can catch this musical at the Gershwin Theater.


Lion King

We’ve all loved Lion King when we were kids and brings back all the nostalgic memories back. The Lion king has been been the longest running play on the Broadway. It has been viewed by more than 90 million audiences. Lion King has been favorite Disney production for kids and adults likewise. The Lion King is a story based on a Lion cub named Simba and his adventurous journey. This particular play can be found at the Minskoff Theatre.

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Finally, how could we have left out the famous Hamilton out of the Best Broadway Shows, from the composer and Lyricist Lin Manuel Miranda comes this masterpiece. It bridged the Gap between hip-hop and musicals in a very unique story telling. It is based on the founding father of United States ‘Alexander Hamilton’. He was also the first Secretary of treasury. This Musical has won many accolades like  Grammy and numerous Tony’s and the Pulitzer Awards.


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